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It's generally an acceptable notion that when we get into arguments with others, we go and vent to our family and friends, usually for a sympathetic ear, but also sometimes for our loved ones to "back us up" so to speak. I am not saying this is an every day occurrence, but sometimes some reassurance from those we trust can be a comfort in itself.

And yes, I know, sometimes we are wrong, and it can sting a little bit when our family and friends do not necessarily see eye to eye with the situation that we are presenting them....but what if you have that one person in your life, that no matter what, will always side with the opposition? It's like having a traitor in your inner circle.

I have one of those people, and for reasons beyond my comprehension, this person has never once sided with me. Now, I know what you are thinking, you are thinking, "giiiirl, you are probably in the wrong, and that person doesn't want to agree with you". Look, that's fine, but I'm not trying to be contradictory. All I am presenting here is when someone who wants you to feel bad, who wants you to go down, who will never side with you even if you are right within the argument. You can be arguing with the devil himself, and this person would say, "Well maybe you shouldn't have talked to the devil like that! Have you ever once thought of the devil's feelings and not your own! No wonder the devil hates you! I can see their point...in fact, the devil and I are going to lunch on Tuesday to talk about how wrong you really are!"

It makes me wonder, was I in the wrong? Does the devil have a point? Oh my goodness, maybe I owe the devil an apology? Did I hurt his feelings? And this will literally ruin my day. I will get upset, my stomach will hurt, and eventually my left arm will go numb. But in my gut, I know that I am not 100% in the wrong. In situations like this, what do you do? Do you side with the so called "friend" who will side with the devil?  And you know that old saying, "keep your friends close but your enemies closer"?  I guess in today's world we call them "frenemies"....but my question is, why keep a person like this around?  Someone who will take any opportunity to make you feel like shit?  If you can name one reason to keep this person in your life, then (the devil) and I would like to hear it.
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