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October 2013
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Jasmine! [userpic]

Hi, I have posted here a few times. My SO has been out of town for business for nearly a month now. We usually text each other (he hates the phone) about a few times a week or more. Last Wednesday, he called me.

He called me and he was super sweet. He said he missed me and can't wait to come home and chit chatted and asked me if anything had changed since he was gone? And I said no....??? He said, "Can we still hang out when I get back?" and I said sure!!! He assured me he couldn't wait to come home and see what I got him for his birthday.

That was last Wednesday. I texted him and called him on Friday, no response. Now it's Tuesday and I'm petrified that he is never going to call me again and he is ditching out on me. This doesn't make any sense to me. The longest we haven't talked in about 4-5 days. Now it's going on 6!
Sometimes he mentions that he is a drifter, but he said he would always stay close to me.....I dont know.

Can I get your thoughts on this? Thank you so much.

Current Mood: sadsad

well, he's a real big mellow weenie and i usually dont trip if i dont hear from him for a day or two...but hes been gone for nearly a month and now today he called. so i feel better. thanks for the reply...♥