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So I have decided the follow:

Lots of people have many amazing talents: some can paint, some can draw, some can bring people together or tear them apart. Wanna know my talent? Meeting guys who have gotten out of long term heavy duty relationships.

I am an emotional cripple. He is leaving tomorrow for 11 days and I cant even say I miss you. I am too fucking afraid. I'm scared. I don't know what to do.

Sometimes I just like to lay here and listen to the iTunes playlist he made, but then I begin to panic. My mom and friends tell me that if you really like someone then you fight for them. You make it known. You state how you feel and make it be known that that person makes your heart skip.

I hate being like this. I have so many feelings....and it's not that hard for me to tell my friends, "hey youre fucking great!" OR "ill miss you"

Thats not an issue, no.
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