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October 2013
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Jasmine! [userpic]
Nick Cave

full nameJas Hat Car
rye or pumpernickleSab Stew
butter or margarineHeart Attack Platter
rum and coke?Vodka Tonic Bitch!
smokes?Let's Go!
chicken burgers?Chu Chu Face
favorite colourYour mom...
favorite sandwichPickle Soup Sandbitch
favorite potato chipsSanchez
sex party?Why Not?
how many 40's of High Life do you drink a day.4-5
Name everything in your pockets right now.Lighter, Condoms, KY jelley
last thing eatenThai Food with eeeeeeric
favorite cheeseDick Cheese
favorite way to eat popcornThrow at people
favorite songLast Stop Today or The End
favorite psalmInto My Arms...
nervous?Hella hella
how do you like your tea?With some jizz
last time you masturbatedUmm...last week? It's been a slow year
spirulina?What in the fuck?
favorite empire/dynasty of all time ie: ming, roman...Colin Powel
ugliest person in the world?Adam
sexiest person in the world?Adam
who has the worlds fattest hands?Julian
was this fun?I guess
do you own a microwave?Nope
can I have it?Nope
favorite custard-type dessertPenis


Current Mood: Sex
Current Music: Fuck Off

so i know this is pretty random, but i was looking through the afi community and saw you had an extra ticket to the vegas show. is that still available?


Yeah, it's available. I just posted about it today, actually.

If you're interested, comment back.

Oops, sorry, I saw that I replied as anonymous. Yeah, it's available. It's a general admission ticket.

Let me know if you're interested.